My Life with God

The Gray of Conflict

There are those who run from conflict and those who gladly embrace it—and there are many shades of gray on either side. For example, those who easily move into conflict might love the conflict itself, which isn’t particularly healthy, but others who embrace conflict might do so not because they enjoy it as much as they have a respect for others. The goal is redemption and reconciliation is a process through not a residence in.

Those who avoid conflict might do so because they are uncomfortable and don’t want to make any waves or stress any relationships. They don’t see the long-term effects not dealing with conflict has on the relationships they love, or that is a cost they are more willing to pay. Others might avoid conflict temporarily because they know a bit of patience might help the situation.

Knowing when to pause, when to boldly step forward, when to have difficult conversation, and when to set aside our personal comfort requires discernment. Knowing how someone generally deals with conflict is wise. Give each person space and encouragement to grow and change, of course, but know where they are right now, especially if you are working alongside them, trusting their leadership, or helping them determine next steps.

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