My Life with God


I didn’t realize it is an actual word. But I’ve certainly encountered it. To awfulize is imagine a situation to be as bad as it can possibly be. How often do you awfulize? Perhaps it’s a step farther than worry or stress. Perhaps there are certain areas of your life you awfulize more than others—health, family, work, finances.

I believe we need to see the reality of situations, and that means not seeing them better or worse than they are. Sometimes we don’t know, so we fill in the gaps. But how often does awfulizing result in a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy? We often see what we most expect. And those expectations eclipse the consideration of other details and possibilities.

At least acknowledge the truth about what you might awfulize. Refuse to justify it. Be aware of your tendencies. And don’t miss out on the truth around you.

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