My Life with God

High Road Discomfort

I took the high road, but I wasn’t thrilled about it.

I was driving on winding roads chiseled into the side of rocky hills. Well, the low road wasn’t chiseled. It gently followed the ravine. As I climbed higher, I could glimpse it below. Only I didn’t spend much effort to watch it disappear, because I needed to focus on the road ahead of me. The temps were dropping, the snow was falling, and the road ahead of me was disappearing. It was wide enough for me to stay on it, but I had to be attentive and intentional when maneuvering inclines, declines, freezing bridges, and curves.

Perhaps it wasn’t much different than taking the figurative high road.

It’s not easy much of the time, but I don’t think we ever choose the high road because it’s easy. We choose it because it is the best route. The risks outweigh the comfort. The vantage point outweighs the ease.

The British use of the phrase means to take the main or most direct route. Perhaps we should see taking the high road as the default, preferred route. If we are more willing to commit to the necessary instead of the easy and comfortable, we might enjoy some beauty and discipline along the journey.

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