My Life with God

Images We Choose

If you connect through the Pure Purpose Facebook page, you know I post an image early each morning. Once a month, I choose and schedule the image posts. I try to find encouraging, truthful images to pour into people each day. I’m picky, and I find myself getting increasingly picky.

Perhaps some of it is not wanting to toss a piece of encouragement that could be easily misunderstood. I don’t want to seem as if I’m giving a simple answer to a complicated situation. There is a lot of sound-bites (or image-bites) in front of us every day. I don’t want to add to the noise, and I’ve thought many times about stopping. I will someday, but I want to do so for the right reasons. I don’t want to disengage simply because it’s easier than the effort. I don’t want to make it a competition about who people listen to and who is speaking truth; I simply want to point people toward truth.

We look for what we want to see on social media and everyday life. We post what we want to affirm. Are we making a difference or adding to the noise? Perhaps we can’t always know. But I think I’ll keep trusting God through the process until he tells me to take another path.

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