My Life with God

Time Out

I put myself in time out.

It was a hectic day. I was frustrated because of inconveniences. I was annoyed because of interruptions. I was impatient because of responsibilities. Others didn’t notice as much as I could feel a brewing inside me, and I knew it was keeping me from focusing well. Eventually, I’d respond to someone in a way they didn’t deserve. So, I put myself in time out.

I couldn’t completely step away. I stayed engaged but quietly. I stilled the mounting challenges and I breathed. Not the shallow, impatient breathing but intentional, prayerful breathing. I tried to keep everything in the context of God’s goodness instead of my own perspective. Everything didn’t suddenly clean up and resolved itself, but my attitude was different.

I remember when my girls were little: I’d occasionally announce I was putting myself in time out because my attitude was deteriorating. I could tell I needed a break in order to be a better mom. They were usually bewildered but went with it. I would go to another room for several minutes to breathe and pray in silence, and that short time reset my perspective.

Invite yourself to a time out if needed today.

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