My Life with God

Greatest of All Time

We think we keep developing intellectually and emotionally over time, that the greatest thinkers, developers, and inventors are alive and contributing in our days. But intelligence, wisdom, and creativity are widespread across time. One generation doesn’t have the monopoly on the most advances. Individuals contribute. Yes, we work together and inspire one another. The way we live and communicate doesn’t drown out those individuals and their impact, but we can certainly downplay them. We can also expand on and draw inspiration from them.

We’re walking on shaky ground, however, when we arrogantly claim how great we are. Acknowledging and appreciating is good. So is humility, correction, and perseverance. Our arrogance will only blind us into thinking we have things figured out. We obviously don’t. Let’s always be willing to learn from the past, be responsible with our present, and plant seeds for the future—as individuals and communities.

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