My Life with God

Leaning on a Precipice

When you’ve been on the precipice, where have you stepped or leaned?

I’m not speaking of a literal precipice but more of a spiritual and emotional precipice. It’s a conversation I had with friends as we reflected on our lives.

We’re not always running toward God or running from him. Sometimes we’re at a moment in which a slight lean makes a difference. In a chaotic, painful moment or season, we often can’t completely and clearly think through what is best in the context of our past and future. We can’t always see the purpose. We’re too uncertain and disoriented. It’s often what we’ve done in the calmer moments and seasons that make determine if we’ll slightly turn and lean to acknowledge him. We might not be sure we want what a lean of faith will include. We might not feel we have the energy to do more than slightly lean.

And perhaps we learn away. We’re tired. We don’t like what God might say or prompt. Or we want to try the next steps our own way, at least for a while.

If we’re honest, most of us will realize we’ve leaned toward and away. And what have we learned through each? What do we want most of our responses to be? And what can we do today to influence the leans on the precipice of our tomorrows?

It’s worth your consideration and preparation.

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