My Life with God

One Sort Leads to Another

I like organization. I have plenty of messy spaces in my life though. Recently, I decided to clean a couple of those areas.

It started with my desk. It didn’t take long. I tossed several things but also needed to move a few items to a bookcase. That required making a little space. I don’t like to buy more space. I prefer to use what I have and pare what goes in the space. I figured out what could go and noticed another space that needed some attention. That led me to another room. You get the idea. I didn’t reorganized any major spaces that day, but a lot of small spaces got some attention.

My spiritual life has a similar process. One area needs some attention. I need to let God sort and prune and cultivate. And the process shifts to a related area and continues—endlessly. There will always be messy spaces. We never attain a perfectly organized, sterile life. We engage with God in the process. We let him sort and prune and cultivate. And we willingly pursue him every step of the way.

It’s how we grow in faith. It’s not always the process we want. We like quick fixes that take little effort. But today is a good place to start. Sort something, and let God grow you from there.

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