My Life with God


Rebounding isn’t easy and takes practice. In basketball, rebounding is not a skill you typically use in everyday life. It’s not socially acceptable to see something that’s available and jump to grab it with all your strength before others. Waiting beside a clothes rack outside a dressing room with several other people to grab at clothes on hangers as others identify them as unwanted is a bit aggressive.

Rebounding from a personal perspective is a bit different. It’s not as if you’re competing with anyone else for a coveted position or reward. You’re rebounding your own attempt. You missed the first time, so you persevere and try again. Perseverance is an important skill and attitude. As a skill, it’s important to know how to persevere. As an attitude, it’s important to have the desire to persevere. Without the desire, the skill goes unused. Without the skill, the desire flops.

Perseverance isn’t stubbornness, although the two can look similar. They’re closely related. From God’s perspective, stubbornness is self-driven. It’s wanting things your own way and not letting go no matter what or who tries to stop you. On the other hand, perseverance is God-driven. A faithful life isn’t easy, but God teaches you through the struggles and trials. He wants you to persevere. It’s always directional. You persevere toward him. At the same time, you persevere with him. He gives you his strength, courage, and determination. It’s how you know the difference between perseverance and stubbornness. Are you tapping into his will and provision, or are you relying on your own?

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