My Life with God

A Humble Reach

Christianity is an outward facing faith, but we express it wrong at times. We are a faith of humility. That challenges us, because it’s easier to know a line and carry a sword to continually divide that line. But that’s a proud faith not a humble one. It’s not about our ways but God’s, and we have to stop isolating or twisting his words or expressing them in a way that feels most comfortable.

If we truly want to be outward-facing, we must be willing to see as God sees, respond as God responds, and yield to God’s qualities of patience, purpose, and perspective. After all, if we do it our own ways and twist them to sounds like God’s, we’re doing our faith a disservice, God a disservice, and those we think we care about a disservice.

We can be better today—not because of our own ability but because of his.

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