My Life with God

The Bossy Ride

We had a inflexible departure time. We allowed plenty of time. We started the GPS.

The route seemed correct, but neither of us was familiar with the area. At the edge of town, we passed a possible turn, but the GPS didn’t tell us to take it, so we pressed on. Less than a minute later, our vehicle started giving us odd alerts, telling my friend to keep her eyes on the road. But she was. Repeatedly, one of us would start to talk, then nearly instantly be interrupted with the annoying reminder. Simultaneously, the farther we went beyond town, the more we questioned the GPS. I opened my phone, and we realized we were going in the wrong direction. Even with choosing the closest turnaround, we knew we were pushing the time limit. We might miss our departure.

The vehicle kept cautioning and scolding us, but at least we were headed in the correct direction.

And we made it.

We had been doubly challenged by wrong instructions and confusing distraction. We still made it to our destination although we could have easily ended up too far off the route if we hadn’t questioned and focused. We laughed along the way, but we were also motivated to get back on track.

It’s not much different than what we experience everyday as we persevere toward purpose. It’s important to trust and follow; it’s also important to question and change.

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