My Life with God

Our Access

The miracle of prayer is not a mere answer but access.

We get caught in the answer. When we declare, “God answered our prayers,” we typically report we got what we wanted. Perhaps that’s a bit harsh, but listen to the trends of context, and you might agree. Does that mean God didn’t answer prayers if the result wasn’t what we wanted?

Absolutely not. God is not a vending machine.

However, he is an exceptional, available, wise, engaged, and powerful listener. Here’s something I can say with full assurance every single time I pray, whether it spoken, written, or thought:

God heard my prayer.

Every. Single. Time.

Each of us has access to him. When we get caught in the answer to prayer, we miss out on the process of simply engaging and trusting a God who is beyond our capabilities and our comprehension. Yet he is completely trustworthy and available. To be honest, prayer blows my mind. It is an invitation, It is an opportunity.

How will you ignore, reject, consider, or embrace the access you have?

1 thought on “Our Access”

  1. “God heard my prayer. Every. Single. Time.” Love this……what a privilege to be able to engage and pour our heart out to the God of Wonders. To be able to sit at his feet. To be inHis presence. Wow!

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