My Life with God

Proof in the Pudding

“The proof is in the pudding.”

We were discussing a local fast food restaurant, who had recently changed ownership. It was one of the more popular places to pick up a quick meal or snack, but that changed. They are now known for turning off their lights early every night. Despite being open, they appear to be closed. If you pull up to order, they’ll greet and serve you, but it’s surprising since they look closed. Plus, their parking lot has become a crater zone. They’ve attempted to fix it multiple times, but the recurring potholes are in line with most vehicles’ tires in drive through. They seem almost strategic, stopping vehicles even with each window and causing drivers to precariously press the gas pedal firmly enough to move forward but not enough to rear end the next vehicle.

How important are their customers? The proof is in the pudding.

Isn’t that the case with each of us?

How important is our faith?

How important is our family?

How important are our friends?

Perhaps a close look at what areas appear to be most important to us for anyone observing where we spend our time and effort would be a wise exercise—as long as we’re willing to make some changes.

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