My Life with God

When Reconciliation Isn’t

Reconciliation is not always possible. Redemption is.

Reconciliation involves more than one person. It happens within a relationship. It’s not a rebuilding of a replica. We move forward into reconciliation, not backward. We don’t rewind to get to the place we want. We humbly work alongside each other to come together in a different, healing, healthy way.

Redemption doesn’t require both people’s involvement in a relationship. Redemption is more personal, and it always involves God. We can choose forgiveness and healing—both intricately woven into redemption. Redemption doesn’t result in the picture we want but a beautiful picture nonetheless.

Healthy reconciliation usually includes redemption. Redemption, which can be nothing other than healthy, does not coincide with reconciliation.

Why point out the difference? First, it’s important to know the hope of redemption. Second, it’s important to be realistic about reconciliation. Hope is good. Hope is essential. And hope always needs to be framed in truth.

Seek reconciliation when you can, when it includes the hope of becoming healthy, humble, and respectful. Pursue and accept redemption. It will always be overflowing with faith, mercy, and purpose.

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