My Life with God

Appreciating the Subtleties of Surroundings


Cameras are good, but they can’t see the subtleties the eye can see. As I stood in the mountains and looked all around me, I saw waves and shadows dance across the tree-covered slopes and snow-capped peaks. Each time I raised my camera to capture a glimpse of beauty, I lowered it to soak in the reality instead. My camera lens has a boxed frame. Moving it a little to the left or right, up or down to include one more slice of beauty always eliminates another slice. Even when looking straight forward, my eyes include the subtleties of my peripheral vision, something my camera cannot capture. My eyes capture movement and gradual changes that my camera misses.

I love photography, but sometimes, I just sit back and let my eyes capture the best views possible. I let them place an imprint on my memory for later reference. Then I snap a few photos, not to accurately capture the view but to capture the moment, so I can remember the experience even better.

As much as I love photography, I love the way God allows me to experience the world around me even more. I think we can miss out on the subtle provisions He gives us to experience and live in the world. Instead of taking them for granted or looking for technology or other aids that will do a “bigger and better” job, perhaps we could sit back, look around, and enjoy our surroundings…and appreciate that God has given us not only the surroundings but also the means to enjoy them.