My Life with God

Get to the Root

imagesIf my step has turned from the way, my heart has followed my eyes, or impurity has stained my hands, let someone else eat what I have sown, and let my crops be uprooted. (Job 31:7-8)

Do you see uprooting as more negative or positive?

How have you experienced it in your life?

What do you feel is being uprooted or needs to be uprooted right now?

The planting and harvest process is a constant one, and we often have an overlap of seasons. We might have things we plant at the same time that we need to prune something else and uproot something else. If we try to categorize everything in our lives into nice, tidy rows, we might be surprised to find out we’ve missed some things. If our lives fit into a spreadsheet, we’re missing something. Because life is messy. It has overlaps and overflows.

When we uproot something, we need to get to the base of it. And it’s not just things that we know are unhealthy and negative. Transplanting something so that it remains healthy and can continue to grow requires uprooting, too. If you don’t get the roots, the transplant won’t be successful. We all experience transitions on a regular basis. How healthily we deal with the transitions makes a big difference. Do we leave a big section of our roots behind, or are we willing to uproot and move on? Sure, we might struggle for a bit. Transplants often do. There’s a period of adjustment, and it can be long and difficult. But we only make it more difficult when we’re not willing do the hard work and sacrifice required.

Sometimes we need to get to the root of something in order to check its health. We need to know what’s going on deep within. Maybe the root system is solid, but maybe it’s not. Sometimes, we build root systems out of assumptions and tradition, and we need to question its stability. We need to make sure we’re getting the best flow of the best nutrients into our lives.

Reach out to someone who has helped you establish strong spiritual roots and share your gratitude with him or her. Reach out to someone today and help strengthen his or her spiritual root system with encouragement and truth.