My Life with God

Fight for What You Want?

you-want-it-then-fight-for-itThe world teaches us to fight for what we want, not what we need.

The world certainly doesn’t encourage us to fight for what and how God leads.

Maybe it’s because seeking God and grasping His will is a bit more challenging than understanding and reaching for our own. After all, we know what we want.

But it changes.

Consider what you most wanted when you were two years old. Eight. Twelve. Nineteen. Twenty-five. And so on. Now consider what would have happened if you had actually received what you most wanted.

On the other hand, what if someone could see and understand the bigger picture and guide us, not just based on the desires of the here and now but the benefits and consequences down the road a bit?

That’s what God can do.

So instead of fighting for what we want, let’s put all that effort into pointing toward Him. He is powerful enough to fight for Himself. He doesn’t need us to figure it all out and proclaim solutions to everyone. He wants us to seek Him and trust Him to take care of all the details along that pursuit. We wants us to honor Him with grace, mercy, love, compassion, and truth every step of the way.