My Life with God

Plans Change. God Doesn’t.

My trip was cut short with one phone call. I needed to get home…and quickly. Thanks to quick thinking (and fast, safe driving) friends and compassionate airline customer service, my husband and I flew across several states and made it to the hospital within hours.

We thought we had one more day of vacation. We didn’t, and it was okay. We needed and wanted to be home immediately.

We didn’t know our plans would change. God did. He was not surprised.

People generally like control and dislike surprises. But when we rely on our control or avoid surprises, and especially when we expect God to work within our comfort zones, we distort the truthfulness of who God is.

He is in control.

He is sovereign.

He is certainly not surprised. He is consistent. he is not confined by time, so He sees what’s coming that we can’t see. We can trust Him even when we are caught off guard.

Everything doesn’t have to work in our timing to be “okay.” Some stuff is overwhelming, painful, uncomfortable, and beyond what we can handle. But nothing is beyond what God can handle.

When our plans change, we can trust that God does not.