My Life with God

When God Calls You Back

God doesn’t want us to get stuck in our past. However, He uses our past for our present and future.

When we get stuck, ashamed, overwhelmed, and burdened about our past, it’s not God working in us. He doesn’t steep us in the negative. He certainly reminds us of it. He wants us to remember the lessons we’ve already learned. He wants us to remember His mercy and peace through bad decisions and chaos. He wants us to see the line of memorial stones He has had us stand to commemorate the moments He has been faithful in our lives. That line of memorial stones points us toward His faithful provision of the future.

But God only pulls us back in order to catapult us forward. Like a pull back race car.

Ready? Feel the tension of being pull backward? Let God pull you to just the right tension, because when He’s ready, and you’re set, you…will…GO!

Ready, set, go