Amazed by Grace

Grace in the Routine

gracePeople, trust God all the time. Tell him all your problems, because God is our protection.  (Psalm 62:8)

Ponder It.

  • What parts of your daily routine would you not want to do without?
  • What would you like to incorporate more into your routine?
  • What is God’s perspective of your routine?

Receive It. God’s grace is reliable. God is trustworthy and anything that is of God is trustworthy. God cannot be anything other than trustworthy because it is his character. Grace is God’s, and we can rely on it. Our trust in and reliance on God’s grace often waxes and wanes, but it’s not because grace itself shifts. It’s because we are unreliable. We bend. We move. We stand still. We run. We walk. We sit. We hide. We seek. But God’s is unfailing. God’s grace is unfailing and unchanging.

The most reliable parts of our lives turn into our routines. We brush our teeth at a certain time, we set aside certain times to sleep, we take medications throughout our routines, go to work, eat meals, and so on, all on a schedule. Yes, we’re usually flexible in our routines, but there are common threads that work throughout our days. We can quickly take our routines for granted, assuming we’ll be able to sleep at night, assuming we have a consistent job, assuming nothing major will come along to rock our world and disrupt our routine in overwhelming, long-lasting ways. But really, our routines can and will differ. Your routine of today is not the same as your routine of 10 years ago, 20 years ago, or 30 years ago.

God’s grace is unchanging. You can rely on the routine of God’s grace. God will not pull his grace out from under you. In fact, God wants you to not only stand firmly on his grace but also be wrapped in and covered by his grace. God wants his grace to permeate every area of your life so that you respond out of his grace.

Live It. Consider what constitutes your routine. How can you see God’s grace working throughout your routine? Acknowledge God’s grace and apply it throughout your routine. If you have trouble focusing on God’s grace throughout the day, consider humming or singing Amazing Grace throughout your “routine” moments.