My Life with God

Sweetness Worth the Wait

winchellsWhen my husband and I visited our friends in Colorado, they told us about a donut place that was a “must have.” But we were only there for a couple days, and we ended up having to rush back home for a family emergency, so we didn’t get to try the amazing donuts. But I returned a few months later for my delayed writing retreat, and I declared, “I’m not leaving this time without trying one of those donuts!”

They gladly obliged. I’m not sure if it was because they wanted to be kind and hospitable or because the donut shop isn’t close to their house, so they don’t get to treat themselves often either. And the husband is definitely more of a donut snob (or should I say donut connoisseur?) than the wife. My last morning in town, they went to the store early to get my donuts. (They came back with a dozen, enough for some snacks after I left!)

There are a lot of things we wait for that don’t live up to the hype. Our expectations are way beyond the reality.

Not so with the donuts. They did not disappoint.

Perhaps part of the problem is our expectations. Maybe if we just savor whatever the experience ends up being, we can find something sweet about it. We don’t simply compare it to the way we want or expect something to be. We savor what it is.