My Life with God

Are You Finding Fault or Remedy?

ea8f0d9edd75ca0b6130d0201ac146aaIt’s better to build something up from the inside than tear it down from the outside.

But that doesn’t stop us. We’re filled with criticism even if we primarily focus it on one person, situation, ideology, program, institution, position, etc. Discerning is essential, but discerning isn’t letting a judgment rationalize complaints. Discerning is the process of determining what is good, bad, and best, and that includes the way we respond. Complaining gets us nowhere. It might feel good temporarily, but it’s not constructive. It rarely helps the situation. We may find people who agree with us, so we cheer each other, affirm each other, and might even try to come up with some ideas of how we would fix something…if we were able. If we were in a different position. If we could take control.

But we don’t have control. God does. That’s confusing when things aren’t going the way we want them to go or believe God would want them to go, but we must remember we live in a messy world. That doesn’t mean God is any less powerful. He is always working out His eternal plan, but He doesn’t micromanage. He lets us choose, and those choices have consequences that ripple through relationships, cultures, and generations. We try to make all the connections so that we can explain those ripple effects with simplicity, but we can’t see all the details, so we can’t possibly explain it all.

But we can be responsible for what’s in front of us. We can refuse to take control, trusting God instead, and also refuse to complain without a commitment to God and solutions consistent with His ways and will.

You probably don’t like to hear others complain (unless they agree with you). People aren’t excited about your complaints either.