My Life with God

Defining Success

defining-success-in-your-organization-4-638But Moses responded, “Why are you going against the Lord’s command? It won’t succeed. (Numbers 14:41)

Every. Single. Time.

Success is not what we make it. Contrary to what we think or want. We’ve tasted bits and pieces of what we believe to be success and think we’ve figured our a sure-fire formula. Or perhaps it has been true success but we attribute it to the wrong causes. Or maybe we’ve been successful because we’ve relied on God but we then try to stay in that place or replicate the situation so that we get the same result. But success is only defined by God and it only comes through Him. We can only imagine and savor success when we set aside our assumptions about it and trust His definition of it, then let Him continue to change our concept of it.

After all, success is all about trusting Him.