My Life with God

The Hard and Helpful Things

7c0d6a9a492ec3dfe0fcd61b8875279bSome things are hard and helpful. I’ve learned that a lot lately. We want to separate the two. If something is hard, we have an aversion to it. We don’t want to endure it. We’re rather avoid it. But we need it in order to grow, to refine us, to teach us who we are, and in most cases, who God is. Without it, we miss something.

If you try to help a butterfly out of its cocoon, trying to make it’s transition easier, it will not be able to fly. It needs the struggle to complete its transformation. The struggles prepares the butterfly for the next stage of life.

We can help each other through struggles, but we can’t completely take them away. We can be present, patient, and encouraging. We can help, but it’s not easy. It’s okay. The hard stuff is often work it when we approach it with humility and a willingness to learn and grow.