Amazed by Grace

Grace in Discernment

graceA wise person will know these things, and an understanding person will take them to heart. The Lord’s ways are right. Good people live by following them, but those who turn against God die because of them. (Hosea 14:9)

Ponder It.

  • How do you struggle with discernment?
  • How have your skills in discernment changed over time?
  • How has this series of devotions impacted your ability and desire to discern God’s will for your life?

Receive It. We’ve become accustomed to saying, “I don’t see anything wrong with it,” when it’s not obvious to us what God thinks about something. Perhaps we don’t think he’s interested in the issue, but God has interest in everything we do. He is invested in our lives. Instead of forging ahead if we don’t see something wrong with what we’re doing, thinking, or feeling, try flipping the question and ask, “What’s right with it?”

God’s wisdom isn’t human wisdom. When we mix a little of God’s truth with a lot of stuff we learn from everyone around us, we can become as disoriented as a blindfolded child trying to pin the tail on the donkey. We can rationalize that something is “kind of truth,” because it looks a little like truth, but there’s no hybrid truth with God. God pours himself into you because he wants you to fully know him. He wants you to discern what’s of him and what’s of the world, what’s okay to turn away from and what you need to face head on, when you need to speak up and when you need to be quiet. God’s wisdom can only come from God and is fully intended to glorify God. If we only ask and accept it, the Holy Spirit will give us this guidance and wisdom to live every moment of every day to glorify God.

Live It. When faced with a decision today, ask yourself, “Is this taking me one step closer or one step farther from God?” Commit every decision you make today to God, asking for and trusting his guidance.