Summer Scriptures

Summer Scriptures Series Begins


Summer can be a busy time. Many study groups stop for the summer. Schedules change, which means routines change, too.

But the little “jolt” to your schedule can provide an opportunity to begin a new routine. Instead of setting God’s Word aside for the summer (which is probably not your intention but often happens), why not settle into it? Start each morning with some spiritual nourishment and a challenge for the day!

Throughout June, July, and August, you’ll find the Summer Scriptures series here at We’ll begin in Genesis and end in Revelation…but don’t worry! You won’t read through all of God’s Word in three months! Each morning, you’ll find a brief reading from God’s Word, followed by a question or two (feel free to journal if you want) and a challenge for the day.

You’re willing to soak up the sun and memories this summer. Soak up (and live out) God’s Word, too!

Invite your friends. Encourage each other. Hold each other accountable. Share insights and actions.

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