My Life with God

The Butterfly Ball

The butterfly has fluttered in and out of my life. When I was in elementary school, I doodled a fuzzy caterpillar under my name. Several of my friends chose a simple doodle, and we called them our trademarks. Years later, when I started publishing my writing, I chose a butterfly to be incorporated into anything Pure Purpose. I initially didn’t make the connection to my early trademark. I chose a butterfly to signify beautiful transformation that comes from pursuing and persevering, inviting something that seems limited to become something that soars.

Over the years, several friends have given me wonderful gifts as reminders to my commitment to the journey God has purposed for me. My recent birthday was no different. One of my dearest friends gave me a butterfly ball—at least, that’s what I call it. It’s a simple ball made with wire with colorful butterflies on every side. It’s solar-powered, so it’s colorful by day and illuminating by night.

My granddaughter helped me find the best place to hang it. When she asked what solar power is and what the butterfly ball does, I explained how it lights up at night. She immediately asked if she could have one, because, after all, if something provided light all night long, perhaps she wouldn’t ever have to go to bed!

As silly as the rationale sounds, it’s a good reminder of what a butterfly reflects for me. It’s constant illumination and beauty regardless of what’s happening around me. It’s transformative, and it’s beyond me. Just like my faith.