My Life with God

A String of Moments

photo-1493743862645-5046ebe0bcefI had a moment at church; well, it was a string of moments.

An older man I greatly respect approached me to let me know he wouldn’t be able to do something we had talked about him completing for me. That was okay with me, but it pained me to see him struggle with new boundaries of what he could and couldn’t (or should and shouldn’t) do.

A little while later, he stood up to briefly speak during the worship service. As I listened to his words, I thought about his heart and all he has revealed in the many years I’ve known him. He consistently points to a good God. He lives with humility. Through a variety of situations and interactions, he has taught me about authentic faith. He has lived out what trusting the strength of God looks like, including how to face and approach weakness and how to have peace through struggles.

It is in the smallest of moments and interactions that we can speak loudly into others’ lives. Those moments string together, and they form guidelines that encourage us. Pay attention to the moments today and consider how you are inviting others to influence you and how you are approaching others and handling the influence you have on them.

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