Getting Moms Together (and a Giveaway to help!)

womenAll moms are not the same. Some work outside the home. Some work from home. Some moms are young, and some are…um, a bit more “mature.” Some moms have one child; others have many; moms of multiples have several at once! Some moms parent only girls; some parent only boys. Some are raising biological children; many have grafted additional members into their family through foster care, adoption, and spiritual adoption of kids who wouldn’t have a stable family life without them. Some moms are single parents. Some are raising stepchildren. Some have clusters of children of varying ages because of multiple marriages, later-in-life surprises, or realization that there are more children that need parents than there are parents who are willing to step up to the plate and do the hard work. Some moms have older children who have moved away (or one or more who have moved back), but they’re still moms. Some moms have lost their children, but they’re still moms, too.

Despite all the differences among moms, we share some basic similarities.

We can compare ourselves to others and think we have it harder (or easier) than other moms around us. We can feel isolated and think no one else understands. And while it’s true that no one else leads the exact life we lead, we can support one another through the common needs we have not only as moms but as women.

Look around you. Who needs support and encouragement? What can you do to reach out to others? How do you need support and encouragement? How are you building trust with others, planting and cultivating healthy relationships that stand the tests of time and trials?

Don’t get so busy with everyday life that you don’t do life with others. Even when you’re in the middle of chaos, you can find solace in the relationships you build. Invest in others. That means pouring into others, sharing your experiences, listening, laughing, and crying through moments and seasons of life. It also means allowing others to pour into you, inviting authenticity and accountability. Sharing burdens isn’t just about carrying others’ burdens. It’s about letting others carry your burdens, too.

There are women around you who need you, and you need them.

You might not see how you can fit another thing, event, or person into your life right now, but if you’re not intentionally investing in others’ lives, you’re making it very difficult for others to intentionally invest in your life. So, grab a friend and get some coffee together. Skype a friend while the kids are napping. Go for a long walk and reconnect or get to know someone. Invite a handful of women from your neighborhood or work to get together to connect, study, and share.

If you’re looking for an excellent resource to jump start your connections or to facilitate any size of group gathering, consider the new Where Moms Connect moms’ ministry curriculum. It provides everything you need for groups of any size, and it includes enough lessons for an entire year (18 lessons). You can pick and choose what best fits your group, or you can use every bit of what’s included. Moms get the opportunity to connect with each other, connect to a topic, connect with God, and apply what they’re discussing and learning to everyday life. There’s even an added option for children’s lessons. For women in ministry who need something for moms groups of varying sizes, there is clip-art, publicity, registration resources, and more. For women  wanting to connect with a few friends, Where Moms Connect is simple enough to use for any setting.

And I’m giving away a full Where Moms Connect curriculum kit ($149 value)!  Click the Where Moms Connect graphic below and enter multiple times every day until the giveaway on August 1st!


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