Come To The Water

Deep Waters

water350_4965cfd76d6861The Lord reached down from above and took me; he pulled me from the deep water. Psalm 18:16

Do not let the flood drown me or the deep water swallow me or the grave close its mouth over me. Psalm 69:15

Deep waters are murky. Visibility is little to none. Pressure is intense. Of course, there is no air to breathe. Deep water is frightening and suffocating.

When have you felt as if you were spiritually or emotionally in deep waters?

From a boat on the surface, without special tools, no one can see what is deep in the waters. From high above the water surface, the contents of the deep water are unknown. Identifying what lies deep within is difficult at best. But nothing is impossible for God. He knows just where you are at every moment of your life, and he has the capability to reach you. You are never beyond his reach.

God knows just how much breath you have. He knows the pressures pushing on you, and he knows what’s inside you, resisting the pressure. He knows your hurts and your past. He knows your strengths and weaknesses. And he knows your faith. God knows not just where you are but where you’re going, and he knows what needs to happen in your life to get you there. He knows life on earth isn’t easy, but his goal for you on earth isn’t about easy. It’s about spiritual growth. Life is about maturing in relationship with God. God created us in his image. Life is becoming more like him as he intended.

God will not swoop in to rescue you from every ailment and discomfort. Your growth is too important to him. Only when you know the character of God can you begin to comprehend and trust his love for you – love that is not only merciful but also corrective and faith-building. If we had it easy, how would we ever experience a need for God? Our need for him, the desire to know and become more like him, is what drives our existence on earth.

When have you experienced a discomfort in life but eventually realized how beneficial it was for your personal spiritual growth?

Live It. Have you ever played the game where objects are placed in a dark bag, and each person took a turn reaching in and trying to identify an object by feel alone? God doesn’t have to feel. He knows what’s inside. Yet he wants you to share. Share your heart with him today.

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