Come To The Water

Solid Foundation

Kintsugi bowl by

You built the earth on its foundations so it can never be moved. You covered the earth with oceans; the water was above the mountains. But at your command, the water rushed away. When you thundered your orders, it hurried away. Psalm 145:5-7

No matter how shaky the ground underneath your feet feels, when you’re in a relationship with God, your foundation is firm. It’s solid because it’s not your foundation. It’s God’s. What we try to create on our own will crumble. We might think we know what we’re doing, but don’t have the perspective to understand what will deteriorate. We don’t know when a fire or flood will come. We don’t know what kind of bugs will infest the foundation we are certain will last a lifetime and perhaps beyond. We try to predict the natural wear and tear on building materials, but it’s just that: natural. We need supernatural construction. We need God.

God doesn’t make everything obvious. Even if he provided us with every piece of information, we wouldn’t fully understand because of our limited capacity. We’re human. He’s not! We often try to explain God, but every time we try to define him, we limit him, because our definitions will always be less than who God actually is.

Just as the mountains were covered with water and only revealed in God’s perfect timing, we are much more than we appear. We must allow him to reveal us as he knows we are ready and the people around us are ready. He knows the timing of his kingdom work. We respond in obedience, never sitting and waiting when he’d have us respond and stand and never forging forward when he’d have us patiently be still.

We’re like pieces of pottery. He knows what beauty lies within us. We’re created in his image to honor and glorify him. We must be molded to most accurately reflect who he is. He molds and shapes us throughout life. We respond to his touch and voice. We feel stretched. We feel pressure. We feel messy. We feel unusable. Or sometimes we think of ourselves as much more beautiful than we are. We need to see ourselves through the trustworthy eyes of God.

Live It. Declare a truth of Psalm 145. Finish the following with a current burden. When you thundered your orders, ___________________ hurried away. Write your sentence on an index card and place it in your Bible to see on a regular basis.

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