Is Rest about Addition or Subtraction?

mathWhen we think of rest, we often see it as a subtraction equation. We think of what we take away, what we stop doing. But rest, when we consider it from God’s perspective, is more about addition. Maybe even multiplication.

Rest is not as much about our “away from” as it is our “into” or “toward.” Yes, we have to leave some things behind in order to get there, but when we focus on the subtraction, we have space that needs to be filled. And often times, we will quickly fill that space with something that might be no better than what we just emptied from it.

Rest must be intentional. It’s not an escape or a stall. It’s not just a refrain. It’s a refill.

When we rest as God intends, we follow His example, which is active. He created rest (Gen. 2:2). He declared the day of rest holy (Gen. 2:3). We have become legalistic about the day instead of intentional about the rest. Anytime legalism creeps into our lives, we follow rules without engaging our hearts. The rules aren’t bad in and of themselves, but our approach to them can become bad when we separate our hearts from our commitment.

When we rest into God’s presence, He refills us with power that multiplies our rest.

How well do you rest? Do you rest “away from” or “into”? Do you refrain or refill?

Check with God. He knows your intentions. And He wants you to know His power and presence in rest.

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