Share Your Perspective

The Church of Annunciation had beautiful stained glass windows that emphasized a lesson for me.


It was actually this particular set that made me pause.


I know they don’t look spectacular compared to the top photo. They didn’t fill an entire wall, floor to ceiling, and these were nearly too tall for me to capture in a photo. But the blues were so vibrant. The light filtered through them and sparkled across the floor. They seemed to invite the light into the room.

Then I stepped outside. I glanced at the outside of the windows.



Same stained glass windows. Same colors. Different light.

Our light source matters. God is God no matter where we are. God is God no matter what our perspective. However, what we see can drastically differ based on where we position ourselves in relation to Him.

Life with Him might look pretty drab from the outside. You might wonder what people who follow God see in Him. They talk about how great He is and how beautiful life with Him is, but it all looks “regular” to you. Nothing spectacular, so you move on.

If you’re on the “inside,” you might be so busy soaking up God’s light that you forget there are people outside who might not see it the same way you do. You might be hesitant to leave the beauty to strike up a conversation with someone outside, which might lead to them walking with you inside to get a different perspective.

God doesn’t want you to stand and enjoy the light. He wants you to be the light to those around you. Going where there is no light is going to be drab, but the more we’re willing the share, the more we’ll see it around us and others.

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