Amazed by Grace

Grace in the Light

graceYou are the giver of life. Your light lets us enjoy life. (Psalm 36:9)

Ponder It.

  • How have you enjoyed God’s light in your life?
  • How does your perspective change as the quality and position of the light around you changes?
  • How does God’s light differ from lights of the world?

Receive It. Grace highlights truth in its light. Grace illuminates the truthfulness of any situation. We cling to what we think the truth of something is. We think we’ve done something that can’t be forgiven. We think someone else has offended us or someone else in an irreparable way. We think something we believed or assumed at one point in our lives is accurate and cannot be questioned. Grace says, “Take another look and look through the eyes of truth.”

Light is beautiful. It creates beautiful patterns in our lives. It illuminates the reality of a situation. Without it, we cannot see. And without accepting God’s grace, we cannot live it out. We try to prove ourselves, take control, and establish and maintain self-sufficiency. It’s not going to happen, because God is the source of proof, control, and sufficiency. God doesn’t just provide us with light; he is light. We don’t just find God in light. We find light in God. We experience God when we’re living in his light. The two can’t be separated. The same is true with grace. God’s grace cannot be separated from him. It’s who he is.

Live It. Stand in the light. Look around you and see how the light impacts what you see and how you see it. Change your perspective, turning your body or taking a step into or away from the light. Pay attention how the changes you make impact your perspective. The light doesn’t change. Your perspective changes based on where you are in relation to the light. Where you are in relation to the light always makes a difference in what you see and how you see it. Consider how your experience impacts your relationship with God and your commitment to seek and stay in his light.