Setting Aside What I Don’t Know for Who I Know

be-still-and-take-time-to-know-godGod doesn’t always tell us what to do or what He will do, but He always tells us who He is, always reveals Himself to us, and always wants to be known.

I woke up early in Israel and started the day with Bible study. As is often the case with Bible study questions, I was prompted to consider how something in Scripture impacts me. What is the purpose? What is my response? As I encounter God through the truth of His Word, it’s important to consider such questions. God speaks to me personally. However, I’m surrounded by people who God speaks to just as personally. God’s Word isn’t about me. It’s about God. As I thought about the day ahead, journeying through Israel with a small group of women, each on her own journey, how could I respectfully and compassionately pour into each one in a way that confirms, supports, encourages her to listen and respond well to God’s Word? How could I encourage each one to seek and know God…not just about God but God Himself.

Facing and living God’s will doesn’t mean I need to know God’s will every step of the way. I need to know Him. He is enough. He doesn’t have to give me an explanation. He doesn’t have to tell me what’s coming down the road. He doesn’t need to help me understand how everything is going to work out and fit together. He wants me to know Him, and He wants me to encourage others to do the same.

Knowing God gives me the strength I need to move forward into uncertainties.

He helps you do the same. Get to know Him better today, right now. Don’t miss out on His presence.

2 thoughts on “Setting Aside What I Don’t Know for Who I Know

  1. I love this. I am learning this. It has taken me years to truly get it! I’ve said it, but not believed it. I’ve been expecting Him to just magically write on the wall like He did for the king. I know that doesn’t always happen. He wants us to follow the signs He has left us, seek Him out, and sometimes, just sit and listen.


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