My Life with God

When We Get Undeserved Protection

We can try to hide from God. We can wander away. But God can still put a mark of protection on us, even when we move away from His presence.

Cain killed his brother, then declared to God, “I must hide myself from Your presence and become a restless wanderer on the earth” (Genesis 4:14). God “placed a mark on Cain so that whoever found him would not kill him. Then Cain went out from the LORD’s presence and lived in the land of Nod, east of Eden” (Gen. 4:15-16).

Cain suffered consequences to his choices, just as his parents, Adam and Eve, suffered consequences from eating fruit God had told them not to eat. Our disregard and disobedience to God always comes with consequences, although sometimes we’re more likely to make the connection than others. We might continue down the path that takes us away from God; in fact, we might be very intentional about wandering away from God. Yet God may still choose to be with us, knowing where we are and what we’re doing and thinking. He may still choose to protect us from something–something of our worst fears or something God knows we will need.

God’s protection doesn’t mean all goes smoothly in our lives. God’s protection is often specific. We wonder why we must endure something when a neighbor or family member never shares a similar struggle. We may wonder why we made it through something rather unscathed compared to someone else. God’s protection doesn’t have to be the same for everyone in order to remain His protection.

While that might make us feel cheated at times, it also makes us feel thankful and blessed much of the time.

We’re all done wrong. And God has responded with protection in some way for each of us.

Acknowledge Him with gratitude.