Real Comfort

WhatIsRealDevoThe Lord wants to show His mercy to you. He wants to rise and comfort you. The Lord is a fair God, and everyone who waits for His help will be happy. (Isaiah 30:18)

Ponder It.
Where are you most comfortable?
When have you grown through an uncomfortable situation?
Is what you’re currently doing keeping you from doing something better for God?

Receive It. It’s easy to get comfortable on the couch. Being comfortable doesn’t mean you’re being lazy. Perhaps what you’re doing is difficult work. It might be sacrificial. It’s likely worthwhile. You might have felt led by God to do what you’re doing. Being comfortable is about doing something repeatedly because of expectation and preferences – yours or others. You might be in a sweet spot, and God wants you to remain there for a season, but sometimes we can enjoy where we are so much or be afraid or uncertain to move that we stay on the couch even if it’s not where we’re supposed to be in the specific season of our lives. While there are often common threads throughout your life, the details frequently change. When we’re growing, our lives change. Sometimes there are big changes, and sometimes the changes are more subtle, but change will happen as you grow closer to God, seeking and responding to His will.

Authentic comfort is being in the center of God’s will, which doesn’t always feel comfortable. Comfortable and comforting are often different. We can be comforted in an uncomfortable situation. We find comfort in knowing we are where God wants us to be even if we’re uncertain, scared, bored, or excited. God will comfort us no matter where we are if we’re inviting Him to be fully present in our lives. God’s comfort isn’t a simple pat on the back and reassuring, “It’ll be okay.” God’s comfort is an underlying peace even when everything around us seems chaotic. God promises us peace, but He doesn’t promise us an easy life. God longs to give us comfort, but He won’t keep us comfortable. God loves us so much He meets us where we are, but He’s not content to keep us there. He wants us to grow. So, it’s time to get off the spiritual couch.

Live It. It’s time to work out! Lace up your walking shoes. As you tighten and tie your shoelaces, commit to firmly plant your feet in God’s will. Go for a walk and commit every step to God.

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