What Is Real?

Real Devotion

WhatIsRealDevoDepend on the Lord in whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. (Proverbs 16:3)

Ponder It.
When you authentically look at your spiritual journey, where are you right now?
How will you authentically stay connected with God and others?

Receive It and Live It. In order to continue to grow in authentic devotion with God, you need to be intentional. Without intention, time will pass, and you’ll someday wonder where all the time went. Opportunities to grow pass as time passes. Make a plan today. Be flexible as God leads, but step out with discipline.

Schedule regular checkups. Just as you have an annual appointment with the doctor or semi-annual appointment with your dentist, you need to schedule spiritual checkups. Get out your appointment book or calendar and mark it in pen. Take it seriously. I recommend setting monthly checkups for the first three months. Don’t wait until you’re in a crisis to get a checkup. This is preventative spiritual healthcare, and the only cost to you is time. Since it’s God’s time anyway, I think He’d agree it’s well worth the sacrifice.

Take notes along the way. As the Holy Spirit leads, watch for opportunities to accept the challenge and grow. Jot notes in your appointment book for later references, or carry a small notebook with you. Occasionally read through your notes as a reminder of God’s presence and provision in your life. Watch for words and concepts the Holy Spirit is highlighting for you as you study God’s Word, listen to messages, attend worship services, and so on. Write them in your appointment book or notebook. Write the full verse that speaks to you, not just the reference. It’s too easy to get lazy and glance at a verse reference but not take the time to look it up later to discover why it was significant to you. Claim God’s Word by writing it with your pen and on your heart.

May God continue to bless and challenge you to live life boldly for Him!