Real Service

WhatIsRealDevoSo what kind of people should you be? You should live holy lives and serve God. (2 Peter 3:11)

Ponder It.
How do you define sacrifice?
What have you personally sacrificed in service?
What’s your motivation of service?

Receive It. God has created you to serve. Sure, you might see some stumbling blocks in your way, but nothing is in your way that God can’t handle. If you’re serving in His will, He’ll make a way, which means providing the time, direction, resources, and anything else you need. The problem is we often define what we need differently than how God defines what we need. Service is a personal cost to benefit another. When service is God-driven, it will always be motivated by His ways and reflective of His character. According to God, service and sacrifice cannot be separated. In the reality of everyday life, service can easily become about us. Service and humility are tightly twisted together. Without humility, service isn’t sacrificial.

Consider your motivation for helping someone. Do you expect a specific result? Are you disappointed when your service doesn’t seem to have much of an impact or gets ignored? People will consistently fall short of your expectations. We fall short of others’ expectations. We even fall short of ours sometimes. But it’s not about us. Service is about being in a right relationship with God. We want to help others and be sacrificial, not because of what we’ll get out of it, not because of the end result we expect, but because God sacrificed for us. God calls us into sacrificial service. He equips and gifts us for it. Seek God’s guidance and act consistently with God’s character.

Live It. Serve sacrificially today. You don’t have to make a huge project or give an exorbitant amount of time or energy. The bigger your plans, the more likely you are to put off your plans or rationalize limitations. Simply look around you. God gives you opportunities. Take one!

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