masterpieceYahweh is the God of Hosts; Yahweh is His name. But you must return to your God. Maintain love and justice, and always put your hope in God. (Hosea 12:5-6)

Ponder It.
When is the last time something didn’t meet your expectations?
How do your expectations get in the way of your relationships with others?
How do your expectations get in the way of your relationship with God?

Receive It.
What color is a hippo? What crayon or colored pencil would you use? Gray? Purple? Pink? Think of all the hippos you see in pictures and cartoons. What about the sunset? How can you capture it? Or the colors of skin? Can you truly capture the tone, texture, and colors?

We have expectations of what things should be. When we hand a coloring page to someone, we expect the tree to be brown and green. We expect a rainbow to have seven colors in it. We expect the sun to be yellow. But a tree can have many colors of leaves, and the bark can be white, purple, or red. The rainbow has seven basic colors, but each one melts into the next, so it actually includes an undeterminable amount of colors. The sun is yellow…and orange and red and even white. But we have expectations, and those expectations get in the way of what we look for and are willing to accept.

Our expectations get in the way of what we think should happen. They get in the way of seeing what God wants us to see. We miss out on truth. We say “God answered my prayers” when we get what we wanted, but He answers our prayers even when we don’t get what we want. We attach a reason to something we can’t explain because we need the comfort of a death, diagnosis, or trauma. We even use God’s name in our explanation, assuming we know how He’s working in a situation, either delivering us from something or pushing us to persevere through something, but our explanations are usually more about our expectations than our true understanding. In the process, we rob ourselves of the trust of faith. We miss out on seeing how God is working in creative ways. We miss out on letting Him be God when we try to anticipate or reason through everything He does.

God made the colors. He made the world. He made us. He can work in and through all of creation however He wants. He will never, ever go against His Word or His promises. He will never betray who He has revealed Himself to be. We can trust Him, but we have to know Him in order to do so.

Live It.
Do something unexpected. Change your morning routine. Replace your favorite drink. Wear your hair a different way. Drive or walk a different route. Experience today with a fresh perspective.

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