My Life with God

Search, Don’t Sulk

We planted a new tree this Spring.

toesWell, actually, someone else planted it for us. To let them know exactly where we wanted it, we painted an “X” with a large circle around it, so they’d know where to dig. We got a jumpstart on teaching our dog, Della, the tree would be off limits by pointing to the painted circle and firmly saying, “No!”

She was curious, but she listened. She walked around the circle, sniffing at the outer edge of the paint. Then she laid down to take a rest…placing the very tips of her front paws just outside the circle. She had a whole yard to play and rest in, and the area of the tree had never been one of her preferential areas. That day, it was.

Don’t we often do the same? We have an entire area where we can roam, run, enjoy, and rest, yet we go to “that one area.” (We’re not the first humans to do it. Remember Adam and Eve?) “No” seems to make us curious. Sure, we easily and willingly avoid some  “no’s,” but we all have some that seem to draw us near.

What are you getting dangerously close to? How are you rationalizing–perhaps asking yourself, “What could really be wrong with it?”

Instead of focusing on the “no” and thinking you’re missing out on something, open your eyes and look around. You are missing out on something. God doesn’t give you boundaries without giving you a lot of land to roam. Boundaries aren’t just to keep you out of some areas but to define the areas intended for you…areas that give you plenty of space, provision, and enjoyment.

Go ahead. Stand up. Look around. Enjoy what God has given you today!

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