Summer Scriptures Series: Joshua 24


So the people said to Joshua, “We will worship the Lord our God and obey Him.” On that day Joshua made a covenant for the people at Shechem and established a statute and ordinance for them. Joshua recorded these things in the book of the law of God; he also took a large stone and set it up there under the oak next to the sanctuary of the LordAnd Joshua said to all the people, “You see this stone—it will be a witness against us, for it has heard all the words the Lord said to us, and it will be a witness against you, so that you will not deny your God.” Then Joshua sent the people away, each to his own inheritance. (Joshua 24:24-28)

What promises have you made to God and to others? How have you invited accountability into your life in order to keep your promises?

Today’s Challenge: Be honest with someone, not in an abrasive, “just-being-me” tone but with an open heart that reveals your vulnerabilities, dreams, hurts, or commitments. Take a risk, and invite someone trustworthy into your life.

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