My Life with God

Yes, I Will

picture (1)I posted the image on social media, and some conversation ensued.

It’s a line from the song So Will I. It’s a powerful song, full of challenges. And when I consider it as a prayer, it deepens those challenges.

“If the wind goes where you send it…”

I believe the wind goes, and I believe God directs it.

The “then” of the if/then statement seems simple.

So will I.

I will go where you send me, God. We often think of that in terms of physical places. Am I willing to go where God wants me to live, serve, and work? That can be challenging enough, but I think it is much broader than that.

God doesn’t only direct us physically. He guides us emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. There is no facet of our lives untouched and unknown by him. He is complete in his purpose.

I love that about him, but it is an ever-deepening challenge to me. Surrender is a process. I don’t think it’s ever complete, because God is always aware of where we need to shift and who we are becoming. I am grateful for his completeness. I am thankful for his pursuit.

If you gladly chose surrender, so will I, God.

You are the one who never leaves the one behind.

Thank you.

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