My Life with God

Have Your Most Important Today

Some things jolt our priorities into perspective. We, or someone close to us, receives a diagnosis. We hear of a shooting, terror attack, or unimaginable accident. We’re reminded to hold our loved ones a bit closer, set aside our worries that now seem mundane, and reach out to heal a relationship that has been fractured for what appeared to be important reasons but now seems trivial.

Life has a way of putting itself into perspective.

Instead of waiting for those life-altering situations to realign our lives, what if we realigned our lives a bit at a time every day? We don’t have to sit on the edge of our seats, clinging to our loved ones in fear of something happening. We don’t need to build bunkers to protect ourselves. I’m not talking about living in a dread or attempting to control everything in case the world ends tomorrow. But what about living in full color today to enjoy and appreciate what is right in front of us?

Why wait to ask forgiveness?

Why wait to forgive?

Why wait to be generous?

Why wait to accept someone’s generosity?

Why wait to be bold?

Why wait to be someone’s number one encourager?

We live in a “why wait” culture, where we feel as if we deserve to do what we want when we want it. That’s not the kind of “why wait” I’m suggesting. Instead, why wait before you get to the end of yourself, stripping away all the burdens, self-centeredness, justifications, unproductive pursuits, etc.? Why wait until everything that’s not essential is knocked away from your life with dramatic impact? Why not step up and let God start chipping away at it a bit at a time, preparing you for today and tomorrow?

Choose well right now. Be humble. Be willing. Be changeable.

You don’t have to wait. Today is important. Right now is important. Spend it well.

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