My Life with God

When the Past Becomes the Process

“It took time.”

The woman was sharing the hurt of her past. She paused, then edited what she said.

“It takes time.”

We look back and think we are through something, but forgiveness, healing, and relationships are a process. We want to think we are through something when we are still in the middle of it.

Sure, we’re better off than we were during the crisis, but it doesn’t mean we’re completely over it. In fact, many times God will have us deal with something over and over again, not because we’re stuck, but because we’re trusting Him to take the healing deeper each time. He could heal us completely at once, helping us over whatever it is, but then we’d only get to ask Him, rely on Him, and trust Him once. He wants more for us. He wants a relationship. Even though we want to quickly get over something, getting through it with Him is much more important.

Be patient. God isn’t finished with you yet.

It’s less about the situation and more about your pursuit of God.

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