My Life with God

Lies That Soothe Us

I know why we do it, yet I wonder why we do it.

We try to comfort ourselves and others in moments of trials and grief. We would give just about anything to help someone or ourselves get through the pain and challenges of life. But in the process, we neglect the truths the Bible tells us. God reveals Himself to us through His Word. He wants us to know Him, not just to have all the right answers but to be comforted, healed, and promised. When we neglect what He says and cling to what we think will help us feel better, we miss out. We miss out on trusting Him, and we miss out on what He wants to give us through Himself and His Word.

We want to believe that the people we lose in death, we gain in angels. Again, our intentions aren’t bad. We want to continue to feel close to people we lose. We want someone higher than us to watch over and provide for us. We can always feel close through our memories and other ways God provides. And we always have Him watching over and providing for us. And since God created angels, I would personally like His authority, protection, and provision over anyone else.

We want to believe all the people we love are reunited in heaven, yet Scriptures clearly tell us we aren’t married in heaven. Again, our intentions aren’t bad. We want to carry over some of the things we like most on earth into heaven with us. We rationalize that God says heaven won’t include any pain, and we can’t imagine being separated from people we love and not feeling pain.

But can we not find comfort in who God is, His sovereignty over us all? We don’t determine what will be best for us, now or for all eternity. Only God knows all those details. And He won’t let us down. We’re not going to be disappointed that things aren’t the way we expected them. He will blow what we imagine out of the water.

At least, that is the potential. But let’s be honest with ourselves, each other, and most importantly, God. While we don’t determine what eternity will be like, we determine our relationship with God right now. Eternity isn’t “someday.” It’s right now. We don’t create it. We respond to God’s creation. We respond authentically and responsibility, or we choose to put our own preferences and ways above His.

What will you choose to prioritize today? What truth will you seek, create, believe, or follow?

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