My Life with God

When All You Have Is Enough

28983400348009a2312d7f61db01556eAll you have to give is more than enough…when your all is for God.

He makes up the difference when you offer what you have completely for Him. It becomes His to use in whatever way He knows is best. It might not end up perfect. In fact, it rarely will. But it will always be better than what we offer on our own, because God adds and multiplies, stretches and ripples. He weaves and purposes in ways we can rarely see or understand. If we only offer what we have when we understand, we do not trust God as fully as we can, as fully as He desires.

When we do, there is a peace in the uncertainty, comfort in the struggle, purpose in the fragments.

Take all that you have, put it in your hand, and hold it open, inviting God to take what He wants to use, give what He knows you need, and set aside what is only taking up space in your life.

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