My Life with God

Theological Antivirus Software

true-falseWhat happens when we have our theological antivirus software running in the background of our lives?

I’m not talking about discernment, based in God’s truth. I’m referring to the antivirus software we’ve developed based on our own theology. No matter how pure our search for God’s truth is, we have some misunderstandings and misapplications. We may say we only stand firmly when God stands firmly and allow freedom or silence when He does, but none of us are capable of completely living His will with no bias. We have limited understanding. We have baggage. We need to be honest and look at the breadth of differences among God’s people and know that none of us are completely correct. None of us has the corner market on all things God and all things truth.

All of us have to be humble enough to consider we might be wrong about something. If we’re not, that theological antivirus software detects and kicks some things out of our consideration that we need to see, filter, and search for truth. We can trust God to help. He’s a lot more dependable than we are.

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