My Life with God


maxresdefaultWe can stand firm without being a smart aleck. We don’t have to taunt people. We can simply state truth. We can be bold yet respectful. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

David said to [Goliath]: “You come against me with a dagger, spear, and sword, but I come against you in the name of Yahweh of Hosts, the God of Israel’s armies—you have defied Him.” (1 Samuel 17:45)

David didn’t confront Goliath in his own wisdom, courage, and strength. He didn’t “get in his face.” He stood firmly on God’s direction and truth, then continued to follow Him.

Perhaps we think boldness means strength and courage, and it does, but not always the way we apply it. Strength and courage on our own won’t get us anywhere, or at least, it won’t get us anywhere worthy of staying, anywhere longstanding. The best strength and courage comes through humility. When we are bold with our humility, we are as bold standing up as stepping back, as bold in our discerned silence as in our declarations and confrontations.

Speak (and be silent) wisely.

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