Be Honest with Hypocrisy

24ca621Hypocrisy is nothing new.

Solomon loved the Lord by walking in the statutes of his father David, but he also sacrificed and burned incense on the high places. (1 Kings 3:3)

We judge and are judged by our hypocrisy. Yet it is hypocrisy itself to assume we can completely rid ourselves of it. No matter how other-focused we are, we are still somewhat self-focused. No matter how loving and generous we are, we have remnants of quiet selfishness. No matter how grand our faith is, we have sprinkles of doubt.

When we come across hypocrisy in ourselves or others, we can resist the urge to rationalize it or to dismiss anything it touches. A moment of doubt doesn’t cancel faith. A thought of self doesn’t cancel our concern for others. A struggle with how to respond with grace doesn’t mean our grace, or God’s, isn’t enough.

When we’re honest with our hypocrisy, we’re willing to struggle through it to come through on the other side with a more bold, secure faith. We have a firmer foundation. Yet as we continue to walk on that foundation, we will discover more cracks we need to assess, repair, and sometimes, destroy and rebuild.

Calling someone a hypocrite often exposes our own hypocrisy. Maybe that’s okay. Perhaps it’s the dose of truth we need to admit and change.

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